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Starlink DC Adapter Kit

Starlink DC Adapter Kit

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Want to power your Dishy with DC power and use your own router?  This plug-n-play kit allows you to easily convert your Starlink Dishy to DC power.  All you have to do is plug in the cable from your Dishy into the Dishy adapter and use our custom PoE injector to send power to the adapter.  On the other end of the PoE, you just plug in your own router. 

* Please note, this is a kit.  Using another PoE that does not have the correct pinout (V+ 1,2,3,6 and V- 4,5,7,8) can damage your Dishy. 

* Also note, that the PoE injector requires 48V DC Power.  If you have only have a 12V power supply (car battery or similar), you may want to purchase our 12V-to-48V step up converter.  See our products page for details. 

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