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Starlink Dishy PoE Injector Kit

Starlink Dishy PoE Injector Kit

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No more cutting wires!  This is the easiest way to convert your Dishy to DC power.  This plug-and-play kit includes a the POE Injector and a custom wire to plug into the back of the Dishy. 

The PoE injector is designed to provide power over ethernet for Starlink Dishy v2. It allows you to plug in any standard ethernet cable into the input side (no more inverting wires) and injects power onto all 8 wires, with positive (+) on 1,2,3,6 and negative (-) on 4,5,7,8.  This is specifically designed to work with our custom wire. 

The custom wire comes with the correct pinout so that you don't have to swap any wires.  Simply unplug the existing wire and plug in our custom wire into the back of the Dishy, then plug the other end into the other side of the PoE injector.

* Please note this is a kit.  This PoE has a non-standard PoE pinout and is specifically designed for use with this custom wire.  DO NOT USE WITH ANY OTHER WIRE OR POE.

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